Galapagos inspires us

593 Origins is an eco-friendly store that designs, develops and produces sustainable items inspired by the Ecuadorian flora and fauna.

Our enterprise was born with the objective of presenting a sustainable alternative for the tourist who visits Galapagos, a leading destination worldwide. The portfolio we offer is fully functional, our products and designs are made under a naturalistic concept which invites you to live an experience of respectful use of nature.

As a brand we have local capacities to achieve the sustainability of our efforts in the long term, all our products are 100% handmade, made entirely in the continental part of the Ecuadorian territory, in this way we avoid generating an unnecessary environmental impact within the islands.

We promote a sustainable lifestyle

Clean processes

Our Circular Economy concept seeks that materials at the end of their life can be integrated back into nature without causing damage. We optimize and recycle all the material used in the manufacture of the products.

Ecuadorian raw material

Each supply is carefully selected to make high quality products. We promote a local economy by giving opportunities to small suppliers, thus generating positive impacts at the socio-economic level.


We use community workshops and family businesses, thus promoting a healthy and sustainable society. The products are made in workshops located in rural areas. 593 Origins is a sustainable store with products free of labor exploitation.

Zero Waste

We commercialize ecological products free of plastics, our packaging and packages are reusable and compostable. We are committed to the planet.

Fair Trade

We host Galapagos enterprises that through their products promote socio-environmental care. We are convinced of the potential that these producers have to create environmentally friendly products and generate positive impacts through their brands.