We are a sustainable alternative in Galapagos, in our boutique you will find functional items with unique designs made with a naturalistic concept which invites you to live an experience of respectful use of nature.

Our articles are 100% handmade, our garments and products are made with Ecuadorian materials, we promote the circular economy, the NO use of plastic and fair trade.

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Our products have a positive impact on the world

Home, decoration, utensils

Hoodie, sweatshirts, bags

Travel and yoga accessories

T-shirts, blouses

The conservation of Galapagos is our main engine

In the world less than 10% of the plastic we throw away is recycled.
Islands of plastics
There are 5 islands of garbage floating in the oceans around the world.
+ Plastics
Plastic production has doubled since the year 2000.
Plastic does not degrade, it only breaks down, becoming microplastic.


The Enchanted Islands are a world icon for naturalists, travelers, tourists and explorers; they are a living laboratory in which the geological processes of the planet can be observed, and the origins of its immense biodiversity.

Galapagos inspires us and we work with social and ecological awareness.

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