Baltra - 593 Origins

Galapagos Ecological Airport – ECOGAL

  • 100% recycled structures and decoration
  • Eco-friendly functional space
  • Plastic free store
  • Functional craft products
  • Fair trade
  • Modern and avant-garde concept
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Baltra - Seymour

Baltra Island has an area of ​​27 km² and a maximum altitude of 100 meters, its original name is Seymour in honor of the British sailor Lord Hugh Seymour.

Baltra houses the main airport of the archipelago, sustainable building aims to achieve higher environmental quality with minimal energy dependence, based on the implementation of bioclimatic strategies for natural conditioning and the use of renewable energy.

593 Origins is located in the commercial area of ​​the Galapagos Ecological Airport (ECOGAL).

The decoration of the store was made with recycled material, we have a functional space and a completely environmentalist proposal with good taste in every detail. In addition to that, we manage the Zero Waste concept, optimizing waste and unnecessary material for the operation.